US Army Reserves purchase $4m Warrior Skills Trainer for Ft Knox

US Army Reserves purchase $4m Warrior Skills Trainer for Ft Knox

Update: the US Army Reserves have utilized the portability of the Warrior Skills Trainer system shown in this video by redeploying it to Fort McCoy, WI. 

FT Knox, KY – March 1st, 2018 - The US Army Reserve Command has adopted Laser Shot Simulations to enhance and increase readiness performance through individual, crew, section, platoon, and company maneuver battle drills and gunnery qualifications. FT Knox has received the latest evolution in vehicular combat simulators, comprised of 31 Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulators (MMTS), 5 mockup HMMWV bodies, and an arsenal of simulated recoil weapons.


Ft Knox

Laser Shot Simulations has fielded similar simulators at the III Corps Mission Training Complexes at FT Riley, FT Hood, FT Carson, and FT Bliss, which have been used to train over 250,000 soldiers since 2009. The latest model at FT Knox features full modularity by utilizing an array of portable simulators rather than installing simulator components into the building’s structure, which enables trainers to reconfigure their system into countless layouts or to send individual simulators to home stations for marksmanship and judgmental training at the company level.

The Warrior Skills Trainer (WST) model at FT Knox incorporates Laser Shot Simulation’s Crosshair™ technology: enabling gunners to train with realistic PAS-13D optics with embedded micro displays that show a magnified, thermal view of the point of aim of the weapon system. Additionally, these simulated optics have accurate manual controls (buttonology), such as sequencing white-hot vs black-hot modes and digital zoom features, to familiarize soldiers in all operation aspects. Simulated weapons feature realistic recoil and SMART™ Magazines with round counts that require simulated reloads.

Ft Knox 5

About Laser Shot Simulations:

Laser Shot has led the cutting edge in virtual firearm training and simulations since 1999. We offer progressive training solutions for all skill levels while focusing on the core principles of train as you fight and adapting to individual customer needs. Our training solutions augment existing programs with safe, technologically-advanced alternatives for immersive training.

Our systems open portals to virtual battlefields, shooting ranges, and hunting expeditions. The key to Laser Shot’s realistic, full-spectrum immersive training is the attention to detail we dedicate to every aspect of the simulator – from the vivid HD projection system to the true-to-life look, feel, and function of our simulated firearms.

Laser Shot Simulators are currently in use by the world’s elite fighting forces, law enforcement agencies, world champion competitive marksmen, high-profile entertainment shooting centers, and countless schools, academies, and training centers worldwide.

Train to win. Train as you fight. Train with Laser Shot.

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