Quality Control Inspector


This inspector implements quality control measures to ensure compliance with material, all contract specifications and applicable product standards. This individual will be responsible for inspecting the following phases of the production/assembly and RMA processes.

These processes are as follows

    • Incoming material (new) verification and inspection (Including deficiency documentation)
    • Incoming RMA items documentation and inspection
    • Post assembly/production inspection, testing, verification and documentation

This individual will be responsible for reporting and enforcing conformity to established quality, and other operational standards by performing on-going work for compliance with contractual provisions and/or stipulations. The inspector ensures all services listed on the performance requirement summary are performed in a satisfactory manner. This inspector will communicate deficiencies to proper persons and works with them to alleviate and correct them. The inspector will be partly responsible for maintaining Quality Control files, and document results of all inspections.

The inspector may also perform any combination of the following duties: compile and record production data from customer orders, work tickets, product specifications, and individual worker production sheets following prescribed recording procedures. They may also assist in determining the quantities of items produced, materials used, amount of scrap, frequency of defects, and worker and department production rates. Additionally, they may be tasked with compiling detailed production sheets or work tickets for use by production workers as guides in assembly, manufacture, and or repair or servicing of supported products. The worker will also work with and confer with shipping and receiving personnel to assure incoming and outgoing product quality, counts, and completeness.

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