VBS-2 VBS2 – Tactical Weapon Simulator Screen Shot VBS2 TWS Screen Shot 2 VBS2 TWS Screen Shot 3

Wide Variety of 3D Representations • Flexible, Networked Training Environment • Comprehensive Scenario Editors • Rapid Terrain Generation • Rapid Development • Flexible Support Options

  • Fully compatible with the VBS-3 Desktop Trainer
  • Multiple camera fields-of-view
  • Build a virtual firing range quickly and easily using the VBS-3 Mission Editor.
  • Shot tracking and after action review
  • Construct specific missions based on your training needs
  • Realistic environmental conditions including rendering of natural light sources (sun, moon), shadows, weather conditions and an accurate star field.
  • Mission rehearsal and/or AO familiarization
  • Tactical training, up to the combat team level
  • Combined Arms or Joint Training
  • Convoy training (including integration of virtual reality)
  • IED defeat analysis of options (decision support)
  • Fire support / forward air controller training
  • Complimentary virtual environment for live and constructive simulation or crew procedural trainers
  • Navigation
  • Mission simulation (for example aviation elements practicing LZ procedures
  • Vehicle checkpoints and area control
  • Helicopter loadmaster training
  • Procedural training for UAV operators
  • Visualization of weapon effects
  • Weapon (or platform) familiarization or experimentation

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