Vehicular Convoy & Gunnery Trainer

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Laser Shot’s Vehicular Convoy & Gunnery Trainer consists of an immersive training environment that places trainees in high fidelity virtual environments in order to train effectively on a variety of crew level operational tasks, such as Counter-IED training and extremely realistic mounted and dismounted gunnery training. The advanced training courseware of Virtual Battlespace 3’s Tactical Weapon Simulator (VBS3-TWS), combine with exclusive laser-based individual and crew-served training weapons, enable Laser Shot to deliver the most realistic and immersive conditions possible in a training environment.

When combined with pre-mission planning and rehearsal, on VBS3 desktop applications, and/or geo-specific terrain scenarios, the Laser Shot system provides the military customer high quality, cost-effective training.

Convoy Training Systems Convoy/Counter IED Features

  • Currently used at the Warrior Skills Training Centers at Ft. Hood, Ft. Carson, and Ft. Riley.
  • Prepares Soldiers for deployment through state-of-the-art geo-typical and geo-specific virtual environments in VBS3.
  • Increase gunner proficiency and reduce ammunition budgets with the use of high-fidelity simulated recoil weapons.
  • Crew drills, gunnery, counter IED
  • Available with realistic vehicle mock-ups of the most current and common military vehicles.


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