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SIM Pistols (SIM M17, SIM7, SIM8): Designed by firearm engineers to replicate the form, fit, and function of prolific polymer-framed sidearms, Laser Shot’s line of simulated pistols instill unforgettable muscle memory into the user with their true-to-life trigger weight, take-up, and reset. These simulated firearms can be outfitted with the user’s choice of a visible laser for standard dry-fire training or an 850nm infrared laser for integration with Laser Shot virtual firearm training simulators.

Laser Shot understands that a good training tool requires more than realism and took the development of this product several steps further by receiving ATF Certification #3311/304559 "non-firearm" status for international (non-ITAR) shipping and answered the market's demand for a maintenance-free device by ensuring the simulated trigger will function flawlessly through trigger pulls numbering in the hundreds of thousands - if not millions.


SIM Rifles and Shotguns: Laser Shot’s team of firearm engineers build our simulated rifles around realistic trigger mechanisms and closely replicate the form, fit, and function of the real rifles and shotguns used by the US military and allied armed forces. These training weapons are currently used by elite military and law enforcement units worldwide to instill unforgettable muscle memory during the simulations phase of their training regimens.


*SIM4/SIM870 blue coloring is an optional upgrade.


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