Curved Screen - Military

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Laser Shot Simulations Curved Screen Simulators have modernized the immersive virtual training industry. By utilizing a curved, seamless screen, we are able to create an uninterrupted image, offering the most realistic firearms training experience available. The immersive training replicates the training an individual would receive on a traditional shooting range. This offers a large variety of military targets, qualification courses, skill drills and law enforcement.

Shooters can fine tune their small arms fundamentals with our Skill Drills Training Modules as well as put themselves into realistic use of force situations with our Judgmental Training Software (JTS). (Compatible with the 90 Degree Curve) (Compatibility with 180 Degree Curve coming soon.)

Laser Shot’s Curved Screen Simulators are customized for the customer’s mission goals and requirements consequently, maximizing throughput and training effectiveness. We provide both Modular Truss Designs as well as Hard Mount Installs. 

Training Capabilities

  • Marksmanship Long and Short Range
  • Collective exercise
  • Shoot don't shoot scenario


  • LS Ultra Short Throw Video Projector
  • Laptop Computer
  • Modular Truss Designs/ Hard Mount Installs
  • LS 90, 180 degree seamless screen
  • Speaker Set
  • Weapon non-tether or tether


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