MMTS Compact

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Laser Shot’s MMTS Compact is smaller, lighter, and more cost effective than the full-sized version, while maintaining most of the
same functionalities. It accomplishes this by featuring a single integrated console, which is all that is needed to run nearly all
Laser Shot courseware.

The MMTS Compact is a multi-functional firearms simulator designed to address both basic and advanced firearms training
requirements for combat, combat support, and combat service support units. Optional add-on modules of mission specific
training courseware or specialized weapon systems can elevate standard weapons training to address all individual, collective,
and asymmetrical threat training requirements.

The MMTS is a cost effective simulator creating success in weapon proficiency utilizing virtual training vignettes. Simulators
provide immediate feedback opportunities for both the Soldier and instructor to master basic weapon fundamentals such as
grouping, zeroing, practice and qualification prior to going to the range for live-fire exercises.

The MMTS addresses emergent threats and current marksmanship concerns with proven simulator technology that directly
supports the transfer of skills to improve individual results. It also goes to the next level and provides advanced training
opportunities with dynamic virtual targetry or interactive scenarios to develop additional skills.


  • “Turn-key” system design ensures quick set-up
    Integrated Instructor Station

  • Compatible with Small Arms and Crew Served
    Simulated Weapon Systems

  • Individual and Collective Skills Training
  • Compabile with VBS3 Tactical Weapon Simulator
    for Tactical Engagement Training

  • Accurate Ballistics Simulation for Realistic Training
  • Utilizes Space Efficiently, Requiring Only Six Feet (6)
    for Projection


MMTS Options

  • Scalable - Add Additional Lanes Through Networking
    Multiple MMTS Units Together

  • Convertible to Live-Fire Mode for Use in Ranges
  • Laser Shot Virtual Shoot House (CQB) Software
  • Sensored Feedback for Simulated Weapons
  • Shoot Back System
  • Less-Lethal Training Devices
  • Use of Force Training with JTS (Judgmental Training

  • Video/Audio AAR Hardware
  • Additional Service/Maintenance Agreements


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