PSATS - Portable Small Arms Training Simulator

Military PSAT


Laser Shot’s PSATS system brings all the capability of a small arms training simulator to the user in a portable platform. The PSATS package condenses the simulator systems hardware into a mobile package which brings an installed lanes simulator down to a “one-man carry” portable system or networked with other PSATS when incorporated with Laser Shot’s Instructor Control Station (ICS).

PSATS is a one-man portable and accessible, fully contained firearms training simulator for units and individuals in any location weighing only 33lbs with the small dimensions of 22x22x10 inches. All critical system hardware (hit detection camera, computer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and HASP key) are mounted in fixed positions inside the hard plastic carry case on a sliding rack for easy accessibility and to withstand shipping “drop tested” requirements. Essentially the system can be shipped as is, if necessary and is a single power cord “plug and train” system setup.

The PSATS software packages can include military or law enforcement courseware to include Laser Shot’s: Course of Fire™, Running Man, Skill Drills 1 and 2, Judgmental Training Software, M9/ M4 Marksmanship Qualification Courseware, and Pro Shooting Challenge. The PSATS system also includes a portable tablet computer for remote instructor control of the training system. All of Laser Shot’s Series One training weapons and devices can be utilized with the PSATS system.


  • Improved marksmanship, judgment, gun handling, and mindset skills
  • Realistic size, weight, and feel of actual weapons
  • Recoil and inert weapons purchase options for virtually all modern small arms weapons
  • Immediate feedback
  • Customizable simulated ranges and targets
  • Virtual bullets allow necessary trigger time without added ammunition costs
  • Doctrine-based courseware
  • Trainers can observe and help improve shooters’ skills during all facets of training

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