Warrior Skills Trainer

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Perhaps the ultimate configuration of the MMTS, the Warrior Skills Trainer is a comprehensive system comprised of all of Laser Shot’s training technology in the fields of software, simulators, mock vehicles, simulated recoil firearms, and simulated magnified optics, combined into a 360-degree training “pod” for crew gunnery and convoy simulations. The WST is an immersive training environment that places trainees in high fidelity virtual environments in order to train effectively on a variety of crew level operational tasks. The advanced training courseware of Virtual Battlespace® 3’s Tactical Weapon Simulator, combined with exclusive laser-based individual and crew-served training weapons, enable Laser Shot to deliver the most realistic and immersive conditions possible in a virtual training environment.

An Instructor Control Station (ICS) and After Action Review center is positioned within the training footprint and serves as the central network hub for each MMTS. Each mock vehicle is equipped with simulated communication and mission command systems. Various vehicle cabins can be created, including HMMWV, Stryker, LAV, or JLTV, and each will come with a fully functional turret.



  • MIL STD 810G (highest shockmount rating) durable rolling case
  • Dual-console performance
  • Integrated instructor control station (ICS)
  • Vivd 1080p projection



  • Sensored feedback for simulted weapons
  • Video/Audio AAR Hardware
  • Additional service/maintenance agreements


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