Crew-Served Weapons

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Series 2 - SMART™ Weapons
For maximum data collection and for an instructor’s ability to induce malfunctions, a series of weapons with both data and compressed air tethers has been developed. Crew-served weapons, tethered M4s, and Crosshair™ weapons will fall into this category.

SMART™ sensored weapons provide instructors with an unmatched amount of data on each of their trainees’ weapons, including safety status, round count, and orientation (weapon cant), and can induce various weapon malfunctions such as jam, and in particular crew-served models: overheat, meltdown and runaway, at the instructor’s discretion in order to train for weapons manipulation and contingencies in combat.

SMART™ training weapons transmit data back to Laser Shot’s Weapons Interface software and accept compressed gas for the recoil system through a single umbilical into the weapon along with a data cable. Compressor systems are available for customers who prefer Series 2 Tethered Weapons.

Series 2 Characteristics:

  • Pneumatic recoil (through compressor or barrel reservoir)
  • Comprised of real weapon parts to include sights, trigger set, grip, buttstock, safety, and
    feed tray enabling realistic weight and balance
  • Unable to chamber or fire a real round
  • Data cables for collection or inducing malfunctions

Available Models:

  • M240 (All Variants)
  • M249
  • M2 
  • MK19 

*Custom models available per special order

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