JTS - Judgmental Training Software (Overview)

JTS_scenarios Youtube Video

Judgmental Training Software (JTS) is Laser Shot’s video based use of force training solution that presents law enforcement professionals a scenario where they must demonstrate the appropriate force option for the situation that has been presented. JTS is the latest advancement in firearms training technology which provides effective judgmental training through the use of interactive, HD video scenarios at an industry exclusive resolution up to 1920 x 1080.

The JTS software includes numerous state-of-art features that will soon become the standard in video based firearms training simulations. From the instructor station, scenario outcomes can be manipulated to escalate and de-escalate scenarios based on the officer’s use of protocols and procedures. Easy to use tools such as advanced zoning options and simple drag-and-drop controls for importing scenarios into the design canvas, create a simple platform for creating new videos and branches that are then automatically generated and displayed in a top-down, real-time 3D, hierarchal view. During training the instructor can choose manual or an exclusive hands-free branch operation of the scenario thus enabling more instructor/student interaction.


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