CROSSHAIR™: Magnified Optics Simulator

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CROSSHAIR™: Magnified Optics Simulator is a unique, high fidelity training simulator for distance shooting and the use of long-range optics. By embedding microdisplays in a variety of optics, we were able to enhance the capabilities of our training simulators offering snipers, marksman, and observers the ability to coordinate and execute tactical scenarios incorporating observation, cover, and engagement.

CROSSHAIR™ utilizes customized scenarios that immerse shooters into a virtual environment where variables such as; wind, elevation, time of day and virtual combatants can be manipulated to offer the most realistic shooting experience possible. A comprehensive physics engine is able to replicate ballistic data and accurately simulate weapons characteristics for an array of standard issue firearms. LRPSS enables the designated marksman, sharpshooter or sniper to accurately and effectively engage human avatars or other targets.

Furthermore, CROSSHAIR™ reinforces target recognition, target acquisition, human movement, and adaptive reflexive thinking.

Use and Capabilities:

  • Engagement of realistic long-range and static and moving targets
  • Spotter training
  • Range estimation
  • Target description & recognition exercises
  • Rules of engagement training
  • Close air support
  • Training indicators for movement, elevation, and wind adjustments
  • Adds to any VBS3 system
  • Recoil or non-recoil weapons
  • Sensors for buttstock & trigger pressure
  • Ability to sense rifle canting
  • Urban or rural environments
  • Portability

Training Benefits:

  • Only firearms simulator available on the market to train precision shooting skills at targets greater than 1000m
  • Saves thousands of dollars in equipment, personnel, and consumables
  • Provides a wide range of scenarios
  • Train using real data card range estimations
  • Drastic time reduction compared to live-fire training
  • Ability to train in complex, dynamic environments
  • Multiple ballistic options
  • Multiple reticule options

Weapons Options:

  • Spotting Scope
  • M110/SR25 with Rifle Scope
  • Bolt Action Rifle with Rifle Scope
  • M4 w/Simulated Rifle Combat Optic

Key Features:

  • Accurate ballistics engine
  • Conduct mission rehearsal
  • Can replicate long range engagement inside a classroom
  • Train for windage, elevation and distance factors without the need for live fire
  • Multiple weapon and optic platforms can be networked together with the same scenario for collective training

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