SIMrange: Ultra Short Throw Simulator

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The SIMrange™ simulates a traditional shooting range with the use of virtual targets. Laser Shot’s newest technology allows ultra-short  throw projectors with integrated hit detection cameras to be installed within 18” of the screen surface dramatically reducing the overall footprint required, allowing smaller rooms or spaces to now be converted in to virtual ranges for safe, effective training without the need for ballistic facilities or live weapons or ammunition.

The SIMrange™ is scalable and can be configured in multiples of three lanes per screen allowing for expansion to meet throughput requirements. Courseware will replicate actual training and qualification standards and built-in editors allow the end user to easily author their own content.

In the past, firearms simulators required installing an independent laser hit detection camera adjacent to the projector requiring careful positioning and calibration.  This task was performed every time a portable simulator was set up or moved. SIMrange™ solves that problem by integrating the laser hit detection camera inside the projector ensuring that it is always properly aligned and ready to go.


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Key Features

  • Scalable for larger training throughput
  • Exceptional video quality in 1080p HD
  • Increases shooter’s proficiency, confidence and skill levels
  • Integrated Hit Detection Camera for easier setup and calibration
  • Safely conduct firearms training without the need for ballistic or live weapons

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