Practical Shooting

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Competition shooting tests the ability to shoot both quickly accurately. The sport tests both shooting skills and metal focus.

Laser Shot Simulators took these skill sets into consideration and built five challenging courses that will help any shooter further develop their technique. Giving a shooter the ability to now train in the comforts of an indoor environment all year round, away from the bad weather conditions or travel time, and also the expensive range fees. With this software and Laser Shot Simulators hardware a shooter can easily train for a 3-Gun competition.

The Full Suite includes and is also offered seprately:

  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo
  • Foxtrot

Features Include:

  • Competitive Scoring System
  • Wood and Metal targets
  • Time and Accuracy Scoring Factors
  • Shoot / No-Shoot Targets
  • Simulates Actual Course Pathways
**Requires Firearms Interface or Weapons Interface versions 5.9 or higher

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