PSATS - Portable Small Arms Trainer

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PSATS is a one-man portable and accessible, fully contained M-4 and M-9 firearms training simulator for units and individuals in any location wherever there is power. PSATS is designed to provide for your weapons simulation needs in a small package that is easily transportable by a single individual. PSATS includes the weapons, the system, the software, and the accessories. All the user needs to do is provide power, a small space, and shooters.


  • Sell more guns – laser inserts allow test firing
  • Sell professional instruction – service after the sale
  • Sell range time for training and entertainment
  • Corporate event and party rental
  • Teach Hunter Education Classes
  • Retail sales – Home Theater

System Value

  • Camera tracking is accurate to the subpixel
  • Use real guns with laser inserts or laser guns
  • Choose from many virtual environments, targets, and software
  • Recoil or non-recoil options
  • Live fire or Airsoft capable


  • LS performance computer
  • High-resolution projector
  • Speakers
  • Portable hardened carrying case
  • Built-in surge protection


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