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From the creators of the world's most immersive scenario training system comes the ultimate Zombie survival series.

The Infected: Attempt to stay alive while corpses prowl among the living. The appetite of the undead won't cease until their craving has been satisfied. Stay alert and maintain your safety by reacting quickly. Use your marksmanship skills to aim for the head. They may just save your life and spare you from becoming one of The Infected.

The Asylum: Venture through the Asylum and escape the abandoned halls where evil harbors. Survive and withstand the attacks by the inhabitants of the Asylum to retain all sanity and find sanctuary.

The Haunting: Experience the sinister evil that awaits. Malevolent spirits scour and haunt the innocent in this frightening experience. Prepare to engage in ghoulish targets and defeat the diabolical souls that torment the living. Improve target acquisition and develop accuracy on Laser Shot's newest horrifying interactive gameplay.

The Wood Shed: Endure the shocks and surprises of the wood shed without becoming the next victim. Experience the horror of what lurks in the darkness and practice reactionary skills.

The Bunker: Within the shallows and depravity of the Bunker, survive the attacks while running for your life. It's a real scream. Practice speed and agility with this gameplay.

The Cemetery: See surfaces from the depths of the Cemetery at every suspense attack. It is beyond the creepiest of experiences while meandering with the dead. Work to stay above ground with this suspenseful game while sharpening marksmanship and observation skills. 

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