Mobile Range Construction


Laser Shot’s Mobile Range is a completely self-contained live fire training facility that is transportable by standard over-the-road trucks, no special permitting required.  The Mobile Range is available in several sizes to include options for a 7 yard, 10 yard, and a 25 yard firing line.  Each Mobile Range comes standard with many unique features with several custom options providing every customer a unique mobile shooting range to meet any training requirement and budget.



Standard Features

  • 360 degree encasement in AR500 rifle-rated armor plate for No-Surface-Danger-Zone requirement
  • 100% purge-only ventilation system with 99.97% HEPA filtrated exhaust
  • 14” ballistic rubber block trap backed with ½” AR500 armor plate rated for ball ammunition 7.62mm x 51
  • Thermally and acoustically insulated
  • Double air wall for a safe laminar air flow down range
  • Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Live Fire Virtual Targetry System
  • Range Master’s Office with complete operator station including:
    • Two-way intercom system
    • Targetry controls
    • Ventilation and lighting system controls
  • Shore power connection
  • Custom exterior colors and markings
  • DOT approved tandem axle chassis

Optional Features

  • Dual-mode HVAC system with 99.97% HEPA filtration – provides 75% recirculating HVAC or tempered purge ventilation
  • Inclined granular rubber bullet trap system
  • Venetian Blind bullet trap system
  • Two or three lane target retrieval system with shooting booths (not available in 40’ unit)
  • On-board sound attenuated diesel generator
  • and many more available upon request


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