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PSATS Live Fire Overview

Portable Small Arms Training Simulator

The PSATS-Live Fire is a one-man portable and accessible, fully contained firearms training simulator for use in any location wherever there is power. PSATS-Live Fire is designed to provide for your weapons simulation needs in a small package that is easily transportable by a single individual. With camera tracking accurate to the subpixel, the PSATS-LiveFire allows shooters to train in low light conditions, shoot moving targets, and choose from many virtual environments.

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The PSATS-Live Fire will easily retrofit into any existing indoor range either in place of or in addition to paper targets. The “plug and train” system sets up in minutes, stores and prints shooters’ training results, and is compatible with all caliber or projectile weapons.

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PSATS - Live Fire Details 


  • Portable one-man carry
  • “Plug & Train” system
  • Setup in minutes
  • Stores and prints student training records
  • Customizable shooting ranges software
  • Compatible with all caliber or projectile weapons

 System Value

  • Camera tracking is accurate to the subpixel
  • Choose from many virtual environments
  • Creates the ability to shoot moving targets
  • Shooters can train in low light conditions
  • Displays the shooters reflex and transition training
  • Promotes interest in shooting competitivel


  • Thermal Shot ™ camera
  • Live Fire software package
  • LS Performance computer
  • Wireless monitor tablet
  • High resolution projector
  • HASP access key
  • Speakers
  • Custom hard case
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Deployable / drop-tested

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